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In this episode Jeff Rose shows us how you can start a blog and/or podcast to speak to the world and monetize in a relatively short amount of time.


He explains how he and his wife work together on some online pursuits and also compete on other, separate businesses as well.


Then, Jeff talks a bit on the importance of learning what you can about the technical aspects of an online business before handing it off to someone else for the satisfaction and knowledge of what is going on behind the scenes.


He also goes into detail on the importance of having an authentic and relational voice in the message and content of one’s online material. He shares how he’s used his unique voice in original ways to impact others to greater financial literacy.


Jeff then goes on to share a story he recently had with someone that challenged him to stretch his current mode of thinking to see how he can grow what is currently doing to possible multiply his output/income 10X.


He finally shares how great having a “Next Big Idea Folder” is in that it allows him to get a big idea out of his head, and at the same time not overwhelm his wife with all of his dreams… I can SOOOO relate!


Now, this one was a fun episode to record the intro and outdo for because I was stuck in Birmingham AL during Snowmageddon2014. Ice was all over the place so people and cars were going NUTS! Here is some ice in front of the Waffle House that we ate dinner at. By the way, the people working at Waffle House (the only place open) were very nice even though they had been working for 12+ hours… some had even been there for over 24 hours!

Waffle House Ice


Since we were stuck, I thought I’d get this episode out even though I wasn’t in my home studio, so I found the only empty space in my hotel to record for a few minutes… the gym.

Office Gym


I love a good adventure!



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Other resources mentioned in the show:

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